Notes on Power Supply

Although the camera is protected against common-mode and differential mode interference at its DC power supply port we would like to notify you that the NerdCam3D sometimes behaves like a diva with respect to the utilized BEC. During our field tests on different platforms and using different power supply solutions we noticed to our surprise that a certain number of BEC work flawlessly but others absolutely not.


A typical symptom of a “bad” BEC is a video signal at the camera's output port which is unstable, flickering, or contains inverted colors. You might try to isolate the power supply problem with temporarily feeding the camera using another clean 5V power source, an USB adapter, or a 4s-NiMH (4.8V) accumulator battery. For a limited period of time (e.g. some minutes) also a 2s-LiPo accumulator battery (7.4V) may be used. Please note that with such a power supply voltage the camera may get warm and the on-board linear 3.3V power regulator may even get hot.


If the camera works using such a temporary supply you may want to change the BEC. In general we also recommend an LC-filter between the BEC power supply output and the camera's power supply input. The following tables summarize tested power supply configurations that are known to work and others that have failed. Please tell us your experiences with other BEC, such that we can update both tables accordingly.

List of compatible BECs

 Brand  Name Comment


Requires manual attachment of cables and programming resistor. An application note on the usage of this BEC is available here.


Has a maximum output current of only 300 mA. The camera consumes 340mA. You might try whether this one works. The Pololu D24V6F5 might be the better choice.
HobbyKing™ Micro UBEC 5V/3A Unconditionally compatible.
No Name BEC CNC Shell 5V 1.5A 6s Unconditionally compatible. Accepts input voltages up to 6s and does not require an additional LC-filter. User report available here.

List of incompatible BECs

 Brand  Name Comment

3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction

This BEC has a voltage ripple at approximately 80 MHz which is very close to second harmonic of the NerdCam3D's internal clock. Not a good choice.


Probably the same symptom like the Turnigy 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction. User report available here.