Supported Video Goggles and Head-Mounted Displays

The following table lists the officially supported video goggles and head-mounted displays. As the Side-by-Side (SBS) as well as the Field-Sequential (FS) 3D video format is well established, it is expected that other video goggles claiming compatibility with SBS or FS video might be supported as well.

Manufacturer Model  3D-Mode

Carl Zeiss AG

cinemizer© SBS Fully supported.

Carl Zeiss AG

cinemizer© Plus SBS Fully supported.

Carl Zeiss AG

cinemizer© OLED SBS Fully supported. Please activate the 4:3 aspect ratio on the goggle.
HEADPLAY™ International, Inc.

HEADPLAY™ Personal Cinema System

FS Fully supported with firmware 1.20w.

DominatorHD V1

SBS Fully supported. See special remark below.

DYI goggles like Google Cardboard

SBS Technical information here.

Attitude V3

FS Fully supported based on a public announcement by FatShark.

Dominator V3

SBS Unfortunately not fully supported at the moment. See details in this public announcement.

DominatorHD V2

SBS Fully supported.


Additional Remark on FatShark's DominatorHD V1 FPV Goggle

Starting with S/N 1128 all 3D-cameras have an undocumented emergency feature for swapping left and right picture during camera operation. This helps to compensate for the occasionally swapped (*) 3D-picture when powering-up the goggle. If you want to use this feature simply create a short circuit between the nCTRL pin and the nearest GND pin at the camera's extension port (see manual). During power-up the NerdCam3D senses the logic level at nCTRL and when a Low signal is detected the left and right pictures will be swapped. The short circuit does not have to be present all the time, it can be released after starting the camera. The camera keeps this setting until the next power cycle. If unconnected the pin nCTRL is pulled High with a pull-up resistor.


In order to test whether your goggle is affected by this problem, simply connect the NerdCam3D to the goggle (either directly or via your AV video link), switch the goggle into 3D mode, and test whether the picture of the NerdCam's left lens appears on your left eye while covering the right lens with your hand. The "left lens" is the lens on the left side when you try to read the textual descriptions and product name on the back-side of the camera's PCB.