Note: PS3Dcam was created after the closure of TMG and was not released as a product. The following information is for reference only.

Repost of Facebook annoucement on April, 8th 2019:

It’s really a pity that Amimon has finally announced EOL for the Connex ProSight HD vision system - now that I’ve just finalized my nearly 3-year course in reverse engineering the transmitter and camera with its proprietary MIPI interface. Anyway, this is going to be great, great fun with 3D-FPV in HD, at least for me.


The PS3Dcam in the photos below is the first of three samples, for which I’ve gathered all required electronic components. All cameras are assembled by hand and reflow-soldered in my pizza SMD reflow oven. Unfortunately there will never be a series production, because at the moment you need to sacrifice and cannibalize an ordinary ProSight HD cam in order to get the 3D-camera running. No joke, the stock camera carries and effectively uses a damn Atmel/Microchip authentication IC, which cannot be faked - at least with my resources. I had to desolder this chip from a stock camera and to put it on my 3D-cam.


The most relevant parts of the firmware are done. The 3D-camera effectively fakes a stock camera, the transmitter has no idea that something different is feeding him with data. Still a bit tweaking here and there. 3D-OSD as known from my other 3D-cameras is the next step. Sample footage will follow as soon as I get this tiny little beast on one of my quads.