NerdCam3D FAQ

Usage with Cinemizer Video Goggles

Q: I'm using a Cinemizer (1st. gen, Plus, OLED) video goggle but I don't see the 3D-picture when the camera's video signal is connected. All I see is the side-by-side raw video signal. What can I do to enjoy 3D-vision?


A: All Cinemizer goggles do not go from 2D-mode into 3D-mode automatically. You need to press the small jog wheel on the Cinemizer control box for some seconds in order to switch from 2D-mode to 3D-mode. You need to do this every time you switch-on the Cinemizer. Please see the Cinemizer's manual if you are unsure where the jog wheel is located and and how to use it.

Compatibility with Existing OSD

Q: What about my OSD? Can I use the OSD from my existing equipment together with the NerdCam3D?


A: Of cause you can attach your OSD to the NerdCam3D's video output, but most likely you will not be happy with the result. Generally speaking - ALL conventional 2D-OSD do not fit to ANY 3D-FPV flight camera. This is not a particular design flaw of the NerdCam3D. Instead, it applies to every 3D-FPV camera on the market. Due to the nature of the stereoscopic side-by-side (SBS) video signal, the OSD information has to be embedded twice into the video live feed: for the left picture as well as for the right picture. In addition, the video overlay has to be compressed horizontally by 50% and an horizontal offset inwards to the middle of the combined SBS-video signal has to be applied. To our best knowledge no currently available OSD on the market is compatible with these requirements.




Side-by-Side stereoscopic video picture with embedded 3D-OSD information. Notice the double appearance of the OSD data with horizontal shrinking by 50% and inwards offset for stereoscopic convergence.

However, there is a small 3D-OSD built into the camera firmware. Unfortunately it doesn't have all the features you probably are used to have, but its better than having no OSD at all. See the NerdSense Mk.1 section on this website for details.