FlexRC Owl Mount for NerdCam3D Mk.2

This camera mount allows your NerdCam3D Mk.2 camera to be mounted on top of a FlexRC Owl frame. It also allows for angular adjustment up to 45 degrees. Thank you, Dmitry!

Shendrones Full Tilt Boogie Nerdcam Mount

Still looking for a ruggedized mount for your NerdCam3D Mk.2? Please welcome Shendrone's latest creation - Full Tilt Boogie Nerdcam (FTB Nerdcam) - the result of a transatlantic cooperation between Shendrones and TheMissingGear. Now available as complete frame set; the Nerdcam mount also sold separately as spare part. FTB and NerdCam mount use the same mounting points as Shendrones Mixuko frame (40mm x 40mm). Thank you, Andy!

Universal Camera Mount

This basic camera mount convinces with its simplicity and ease of 3D-printing. The design was prepared and is kindly provided by Joern of RCGroups. Thank you, Joern!

ZIP-archive containing the binary STL-file for 3D-printing
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 7.3 KB

Protective Camera Cover & Mount

This camera cover not only provides a great amount of protection but also gives you a pivot mount as well as an optional sub-mount for the Mobius HD camera. This design was made by billyd of Thingiverse. Thank you, billyd!