ADC4OSD Mk.1 Extension Board (now discontinued)

The ADC4OSD is now officially discontinued. It has been replaced by the NerdSense Mk.1 sensor. The remaining information on this part of our website is for reference only.

In case you want to use the stereoscopic OSD feature of the NerdCam3D without the rather bulky "PCF8591 AD/DA Converter Module" described in the instruction manual, here is a new alternative. Introducing the ADC4OSD - the first extension board for the NerdCam3D.

This small board is attached with an 8-pin header to the camera and works directly out of the box. You just have to connect one of the two supported Flytron current sensors (50A or 100A). In contrast to the solution outlined in the instruction manual of the NerdCam3D this small ADC extension board is directly prepared for Flytron's 100A sensor. For this sensor type no modifications are necessary. In case you want to use the 50A sensor simply attach two additional THT 1/8W resistors to the ADC4OSD. There are provisions on the extension board to easily accomplish this modification.


ADC4OSD Schematic
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SMT Assembly Plan
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