These two brand-new quad-copter frames feature a complete camera enclosure for the first time. Again Eachine's DSF3 EVO BRUSHED flight controllers are used. The flight controller board comes without preassembled plugs for the brushed motors, which offers the opportunity to install "the right connectors" directly form the beginning. This is noteworthy because typically JST SH1.0 plugs are installed on many flight controller boards, but powerful motors are mostly sold with Micro-JST-1.25mm plugs (compatible with Molex PicoBlade™ series connectors) only. Fortunately the component holes on the flight controller board are made such that suitable Molex plugs can be installed easily. These more professional plugs prove for a very rigid mechanical connection between plug and PCB. In summary the following components are used in this build:

This micro quad is typically operated with 600mAh 1S LiPo batteries with 30C/60C current rating. Also 750mAh or 850mAh batteries are possible to fly with.

The following photos present a brief overview of the suggested integration and installation of all components into the respective frame.