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23. July 2014
It is quite obvious that video editing of the raw FPV footage goes along with loss of quality due to de- and re-compression inside the video editing software. In addition the conversion of the video files at YouTube even further reduces quality. I am somewhat able to fight against that with tricky conversion steps using AVISYNTH. However, from time to time the question arises whether a genuine piece of footage (directly form the ground DVR) is available. Therefore I will provide two vesions of...
21. July 2014
Some more videos with the NerdCam3D attached to a brushless gimbal and mounted on top of my Axial Wraith. This time I have used my new 2.2mm lenses, which performed very well in my opinion. I'll make them the new default lenses for the upcoming new camera batch. This is how it looks like:
15. July 2014
For ground operation on RC-cars a gimbal is higly beneficial - especially for 3D-FPV. This video shows how the camera can be integrated onto the roof of an Axial Wraith.
10. May 2014
Live 3D-FPV footage with NerdCam3D on a Hammerhead Nano frame. Enjoy this video on your 16:9 3D-capable Smart-TV. I finally figured out how to convert the 4:3 raw footage - recorded with a FPV Japan DVR - into 16:9 HD-video using AviSynth, MPEG Streamclip and iMovie. Note: This video is probably not very well suited for feeding 4:3 aspect ratio video goggles. The convergence setting of the stereoscopic OSD is a bit extreme for my taste, but this simply was the preference of the sUAS operator...