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NanoCam3D Mk.1


NanoCam3D Mk.1 is a stereoscopic FPV camera for radio-controlled vehicles, in particular for micro quad-copters. The camera is delivered in a pre-calibrated and ready-to-use state. The factory settings of the camera are:

  • Video norm: PAL,
  • 3D-Mode: Squeezed Side-by-Side 3D,
  • Image swap: No swap,
  • Auto exposure algorithm: Average Brightness Tracking.

These settings provide compatibility with most of the currently available 3D-capable FPV goggles like FatShark Dominator HD V1-V3 and Dominator V3; Zeiss Cinemizer©, Cinemizer Plus© and Cinemizer OLED© as well as AOMWAY Commander V1. An alternative Field-Sequential 3D mode is available for FatShark Attitude V3 or Headplay PCS™ video goggles.


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